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Servicing at the SSS

So many people who have a problem with their car take it to a garage and say "do a service". Just this week a guy came to the Sanctuary whose car wouldn't run right, (sluggish, missing, etc). He asked "can you do a service on my car?" We said: "why, what's wrong with it?" He said "it ain't right."

It turned out to be a spark plug lead, it was breaking down under load, we changed the lead and it is fine, £20.00.

When you ask for a service, you get replacement parts, you do not get an 'internal' nor do you get a diagnostic check or fault finding readout. You get, 'Oil, filters, plugs and points'. We don't do this at the SSS

Other garages offer you the option of these services. (A) (B) (C) and (F): When you tell me you want a service you get "What the car needs", not what the garage wants to sell you.

If you want the works, you get it. If you want oil and filter, you get it. If you want a cam belt you get it. The SSS will give you what you want! We'll also check everything over to see if you may have a problem in the near future, if we think that a part might fail or cause you a problem before your next service is due we'll report that to you and advise.

  • The SSS II only use Toyota parts unless you tell us otherwise.
  • We only use the oil that Toyota recommend.
  • We always ask "what plugs do you want?" as a set of V8 plugs from Toyota are over a hundred quid, but last for 60,000 miles.
  • We always check all the bushes and suspension as a matter of course and advise.
  • We never do anything to your car without informing you about it... and quoting on it first... UNLESS it's a cheap thing or a dangerous thing and we can't contact you for some reason.

Typical jobs:

Cam belts Cam belt change for the TT will be £250, for the V8 UZZ31 it is £400, and for the V8 UZZ32 it is £450.
Gear box service New filter, drain oil (as much as we can from the gear box), clean the sump, new paste and type 4 ATF is £200.
Oil and filter change Oil and filter change on both TT and V8 is £70.
Front and back brakes Front and back brakes, Toyota only pads, cost £75 for a TT (bigger fronts than the V8) plus £60 to fit both sets. The V8 is slightly cheaper... it is cost of pads plus £60 labour for both sets. The cheapest we can get non Toyota pads is about £35 a set. If you want these cheap pads, you get them, bring them to the Sanctuary and we will fit them for you.
Air Filter There is NO charge to fit an air filter... cos it takes all of 7.2 seconds!
Fuel filter These present a problem sometimes. They are about £45-£50 to buy, but they rust onto the pipes, this is common and if you have this problem, you might be digging deep. Otherwise it's just a case of fitting it, this will cost because it is a poxy job, the petrol runs all down your arm and gives you a nasty petrol burn, between about £20 and £40 to change.
Spark plugs The spark plugs on both the TT and V8 are time consuming, so this will cost you (ask!).
Engine flush We recommend the engine flush as it cleans all the old oil out and allows the new oil to remain clean, this is only £50

Apart from what's been listed, there isn't much else you could want doing, 'in a regular service'.

  • We always top up all the levels, check for oil leaks and check all the front rubber bushes, brakes, tyres, etc.
  • Electrical stuff, we check: lights, fogs, indicators etc.
  • Height changing and adjusting: This could take 20 minutes... and it has taken four hours to get right...
  • SSI fitting is £40.
  • De-cat fitting is £50 - provided no bolts snap off and have to be drilled out!!
  • Lower arm bushes to supply and fit is £320, GENUINE TOYOTA BUSHES ONLY (provided none of the bolts needs to be cut out)
  • Steering rack bushes and grommet, To supply and fit is £130 for the TT and 3 litre, the UZZ31 is £140, the UZZ32 is £150. I do not use polly bushes.
  • Anti roll bar bushes Sullpied and fitted (TOYOTA PARTS ONLY) Front (OR) Rear is £70.

New bushes are now on sale, these include the front uppers, the rear uppers, and the rear lowers, for all models including the UZZ32, please ask for details and cost.

For all electrical work including EMV (TV) repairs, sat nav and TV conversions, please ask. Faulty wiring for bulbs, lights etc is not a problem.

NEW :--- EMV (TV) LED backlight supplied and fitted from £160. (if the EMV is out of the car) I am the only person in the world who has these LED backlights for the EMV.

Delimiters / mph convertors: To supply and fit these cost £180 I only use the best and I only fit the converter AND delimiter. This is quite a job, and we wouldn't advise a guy with ten thumbs to try it.

If there is anything missing here let us know!

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