Smiffies Soarer Sanctuary
Smiffie's Soarer Sanctuary

The Soarer Sanctuary

Smiffie's Soarer Sanctuary has relocated to Cambridgeshire where its fully equipped workshops are ready to restore your pride and joy back to its former glory. The Soarer Sanctuary works solely on Soarer’s and is reputed to be the foremost authority when it comes to these amazing cars. The Soarer Sanctuary specialises in the UZZ32 'Active' model with its complex hydraulic suspension and four wheel steering.

The Soarer Sanctuary has earned a great reputation for being the place to take a sick Soarer whether it's a 2.5ltr Twin Turbo, a 3.0 ltr or 4.0ltr V8. The Soarer Sanctuary carry out all work on Soarer's and do it in a friendly, cheerful and cost effective manner.

Smiffie's Soarer Sanctuary

Just a few examples of work that The Soarer Sanctuary can do:

Replacement of suspension and steering rack bushes
Servicing, including auto box service
Suspension fluid change for the 'Active' Soarers
Water pump, cam belt and steering pump replacements
ECU replacement
Blinky dash
... and everything else that will keep your car on the road

The Soarer Sanctuary specialises in the Active UZZ32, and is the only place to get your active suspension repaired correctly. We are able to re-seal leaky legs as well as re-gas the legs with nitrogen, do not take your UZZ32 to others who boast that they can repair active problems, come to The Soarer Sanctuary where we know what we are doing.

As well as looking after your car The Soarer Sanctuary is associated with the one of the world's largest online forums specialising in Soarers. With almost 10,000 members! Soarer World is a meeting place where like minded enthusiasts from around the world share information and experiences about these special cars.

Soarer World





Smiffies SC430


This SC430 has now been sold.

For more information, click on the following link to the Soarer World Forum



The white convertible has been sold. More information on this car can be seen on the Soarer World forum.